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This month, with planets in Libra, you will likely do well in legal professions or jobs that would require you to be somewhat familiar with the standards and laws of your industry. Many Capricorns become famous architects, archeologists, or historians, or they work in any job that deals in historical themes, including movies or TV shows. They also do well as dentists or orthopedic surgeons.

Mercury will go retrograde from October 31 to November 20, so try to have all your plans wrapped up and finished by the first half of October, no later than October If you need to buy a TV, an audio system, a kitchen appliance, a car, or a computer—in fact, any electronic item—do it before October 20 or wait until December. The sign of Libra—the place the new moon falls and is encouraging your career—rules perfect proportion echoed in the motif, the scales , so you might gravitate to positions involving beauty and art, such as working as a museum curator or as a director of an art gallery.

You may find opportunities in the bridal or special, social events market or in industries devoted to jewelry, flowers, spas, or fashion—places where taste and style are important because Venus rules Libra. I am giving you ideas here to spark your thinking, but of course, you are more than able to supply your own. I am excited by that new moon on September 28 because a new moon in Libra puts Venus first, and that is the planet that runs the engine of your prestigious, professional solar tenth house.

On September 28, Venus received signals from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This vibration will carry forward into October simply because it occurred on the same day as the new moon. It seems likely that a high-level executive behind the scenes will quietly help you with a spot you want.

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Also happening in the first week, on October , Pluto will turn direct. Pluto matters to you because this planet of transformation and rejuvenation has been traveling in Capricorn since and will remain in your sign until January Pluto transits in a single constellation for 14 to 30 years because Pluto is the planet spinning at the farthest, outer edge of our solar system.

Now that Pluto is soon to be in a stronger orbit, he will be able to help you by pushing matters forward that have seemed stubbornly stuck. Keep an eye on the two days plus or minus that surround October , for you will see the direction that a matter of importance to you will go in future weeks. Your home or family will be your big focus at the full moon, October 13, falling in Aries, at 20 degrees.

Something at home is concluding—you may see the repairmen leave or the contractor finish up, or you may have your big day when you close on your new house or, conversely, sell property. You may receive a furniture delivery, or you might entertain friends or family at your home over the weekend of October —that would be a great idea.

If your family is coming to town, you may have family sleeping on your couch, air mattresses, or guest room. It will be fun, too. I love that good fortune Jupiter in Sagittarius, at 20 degrees, will be divinely harmonious to the full moon in Aries, also at 20 degrees, lighting your home sector. This suggests that whatever you do at this point to your home would add to the beauty, quality, and feeling of luxury.

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If you give a cocktail party or dinner party, you will go all out and treat your guests to a memorable evening. This is a special full moon—you will love how things unfold. You will feel the slowdown, postponements, cancellations, forgetfulness, and inability to reach decision-makers as soon as October If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, I wrote an essay about its effects. Go to my website, Astrology Zone, and scroll down on my home page.

At this time of the month, Pluto will be in a challenging position to the Sun. This means that while you are distracted with home-related activities, you will need to keep your fingers on the pulse at the office. Keep up with duties at work as best as you can, and you should be fine.

This full moon of October 13 will fall over the weekend, and although you can notice the message of a full moon for four days after it appears, in your case, this month, you will feel the full moon mostly from Friday night, October 11, through Monday, October In America, October 14 is Columbus Day, a day when most people are off, so if you live outside the US, see if you can take one vacation day to treat yourself to a long weekend—it could be so enjoyable.

Now I come to the part of the month that will give us all, no matter what sign we happen to be, a difficult new moon. It will arrive on October 27 in Scorpio, at four degrees.

The problem is that Uranus in Taurus, found degrees across the sky, will oppose the new moon and Sun to exact degree. This is a tough opposition. The Sun and new moon will be in your eleventh house of friendship, and Uranus will attack both from your fifth house of love. It looks like a friend or love relationship could become rocky almost instantly when unexpected news surfaces. I am not sure if you will be shocked by what a friend does or says or what your sweetheart may tell you.

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This would be someone you are dating, not married to, as marriage is a different house. Looking at this, it seems more likely to be a friend who touches off the dramatic incident. Alternatively, it may be that one of your children, at least a teen not younger , who might draw your attention and concern you. Still, it seems more likely to be a friend or casual acquaintance who causes shock. Coincidentally, at the same time as this distracting October 27 new moon, Mars will be at a degree square to Pluto, so news at the office will need tending to from you. Your nerves may be a little raw but stay steady when dealing with VIPs at the office.

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Everyone will be walking around a little bruised from the new moon, so be the calm, warm voice amid a sometimes chaotic world. This, too, will pass. You may welcome November when Mercury will open up your schedule, appointments get postponed, and you will have free time to catch up on everything. This will be a landmark month for important growth in both your career and home life.

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You are a cardinal sign, so you are known to insist on progress and will be the first to lead others to a goal. This month, you will have the majority of planets in cardinal signs like yours, so events will move quickly, especially in the first half of the month. You are very fortunate in that you will have action-hero Mars in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, along with a crowd of happy planets there too, and they will all support your career goals every step of the way.

Surprises will arrive, but an anchoring energy will come this evening.

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The moon enters Capricorn and brings important and surprising conversations your way—watch our for an unexpected meeting. Commitments are discussed tonight. The moon enters Capricorn today, Sagittarius, lighting up the financial sector of your chart. Do your best to be responsible with money this evening. The moon enters your sign today, Capricorn, encouraging you to focus on self-care.

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Unexpected fun arrives this afternoon, but it will be hard to forget or leave your responsibilities behind. The moon enters Capricorn and encourages you to slow down today, Aquarius. Catch up on rest if you can! The moon enters Capricorn this afternoon, encouraging you to network—and some unexpected meetings and exciting conversations are sure to take place. This evening calls for a mature attitude. The moon enters hardworking earth sign Capricorn this afternoon, finding you focused on your career and public life.

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Unexpected news about money comes today, but it might be the shake-up you need. The moon enters fellow earth sign Capricorn this afternoon, encouraging you to reflect on the big picture: Where do you want to be in five years? Flexibility is the answer. The moon enters Capricorn today, finding you in a serious mood, Gemini. Your focus turns to your partnerships today as the moon enters your opposite sign Capricorn, and surprising meetings are taking place.